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SIM diffraction phase microscope

structured illumination diffraction phase microscopy for broadband, subdiffraction resolution, quantitative phase imaging

structured illumination quantitative phase microscopy for enhanced resolution amplitude and phase imaging

phase retrieval with resolution enhancement by using structured illumination

quantitative phase imgaing through shack-hartmann wavefront sensor

Wolfgang Osten at Universitat Stuttgart

quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry for qunatitative phase microscopy of living cells
pitch=30 micron
effective focal:Rc/(nc-1) = 0.042mm/(1.561-1) at 248nm = 0.0748 mm
0.042mm/(1.457-1) =0.0919 mm at 633nm
0.042mm/(1.444-1)=0.0945 mm at 1550nm 

an optical wavefront sensor based on a double layer microlens array